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If you have ever been part of a community art studio, you will have fond memories of a period of learning and exploring with others to encourage you. This is why we wanted to make a community space available to independent potters that may not have all the equipment or space needed to work on their own.

Studio Nadeau spent the summer adding to and remodeling another section of our space to accommodate people who need and want this kind of studio experience. This space is already beginning to fill up with a wonderful combination of new and younger artists and older and wiser artists. Everyone has something special or unique to offer and different kinds of knowledge.

We have to credit my husband Tom for the vision and the drive to get this done over the summer. He saw what the space could become and created it. I bring my studio and ceramic expertise to guide new artists in becoming independent. I have a passion for teaching, and never mind being asked a technical or aesthetic question.

Studio Nadeau community space offers a fully equipped ceramic studio with 3 kilns, wedging table, hand building table, shelving, photo booth, and glazing station. Each member has a private space for their wheel and private shelves. The pictures here are from the last few weeks of finishing up the space. Come visit us!

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