This class is for adults that want to learn how to make pottery, cups, bowls, plates on the Potter's Wheel. If you have never tried this before, or maybe it has been awhile since you took another class, this is the best class to sign up for. You will learn basic studio knowledge, learn to center and create objects and be able to learn the basics of glazing to finish your work.  Many students have come to me from other programs still struggling to center clay on the wheel and make basic forms. My teaching methods help you  achieve this during your first 6 week session. This class offers additional Open Studio hours to practice on your own.

Wednesday 1 - 4 pm class

Thursday class

Intermediate Wheel Throwing

Intermediate Wheel Throwing for adults is for those who are already comfortable with centering clay on the wheel and making basic forms. In this class we will introduce handles, lids, and modifying wheel thrown forms with additional techniques. This class still provides an introduction to basic studio knowledge and continued instruction in glazing. Many programs will ask you to wait a long time to start lidded forms, teapots, cups, pitchers and other modified forms. I feel you will be challenged but enjoy learning these forms as soon as possible. This class is usually repeated a few times as students advance. This class offers additional Open Studio hours to practice on your own.


Handbuilding methods include coiling, slabs, geometric and organic forms. The forms may be functional like bowls, platters and cups or vases. Other forms may be purely sculptural. These forms may come from drawings or other research, natural forms you've gathered from nature or found objects you wish to use as inspiration. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate level, sign up for this class to explore the many other ways that you can work with clay. Basic studio knowledge will be covered as well as introduction to colored slips and glazing techniques. This class is usually repeated a few times as students advance. This class offers additional Open Studio hours to practice on your own.

Open Studio

Open Studio Hours are offered with each of the above classes so you can come in and practice what you learned in class. All studio equipment is available but no formal instruction is taking place. This is the very best way to make the most out of your class experience and help you to achieve the results you want. You must be registered in one of the above classes to attend Open Studio hours. 

Children's Classes

For ages 5 - 11 years Children's classes are a lot of fun. Your child can learn basic techniques for working in coils and slabs. Creative projects are given so each child can follow their own intuition for solutions. Careful guidance encourages imagination, self-reliance, problem solving and fun! When possible, children will glaze their own work. At other times the instructors will select the glazes and do that process for the child. 

Studio Membership

As we expand we plan to offer Studio Memberships to Advanced and independent adults that have taken at least 2 classes with us. We will also consider potters new to our studios after a quick interview.  Studio members will be able to use the equipment outside of the regular class and open studio hours. They will have their own shelf to store work and provide their own clay and glazes (after consulting with us on firing range and compatibility of clay). Some will prefer to bring in their own wheel. Many potters that have a minimum of intermediate level experience prefer this because it allows them to keep their commitment to clay, but a very flexible schedule to get into the studio to work.


Studio Nadeau will offer special events to its members and the community at large for educational enrichment. Sign up on our mailing list to get information about special group events, visiting instructors, showings of recent work, proposed museum shows to see and more. In keeping with health concerns, some of these events will be offered via Zoom.

Contact us for information and hours available to do your own special group event.  

Calendar of Classes and Events


Policies for enrollment and studio participation: I want to make it as easy for you as possible to enjoy the studio and your class. I have limited our policies here, however if a class or group is requested because of circumstances to respect additional policies or changes we hope you will be able to understand and comply.

Safety First: Our facility demands that we be especially careful regarding Covid and exposure to our staff, the families of our students and everyone taking a class. Please stay home if you are sick.

Until further notice we require your Proof of Vaccination for enrollment. Masks will be required at all times in the studio. No eating or drinking in the studio. No alcohol, no drugs, no weapons. Please do bring a water bottle or thermos and snacks if you would like to. You can step into the lobby area or just outside the building in good weather to take a break.

Payments for classes must be received right away to hold your spot. The total number of students per class is 6. 

Cancellations and Make-ups of missed classes:

We do not offer refunds for cancellations that come in later than 48 hours before your first class. There is an administration fee of $50 for any cancellation.

Make ups for missed classes can only be offered during Open Studio and does not include instruction.