Studio Nadeau Policies


Policies for enrollment and studio participation:

Safety First: Our facility demands that we be especially careful regarding Covid and Flu exposure to our staff, the families of our students and everyone taking a class. Please stay home if you are sick. We have KN94 masks at the studio for your convenience if you start coughing or someone else does and you want to wear one.

No eating in the studio. Please bring a water bottle or thermos in an unbreakable, container for the classroom.  You can step into the lobby area or just outside the building in good weather to take a break and eat. 

Ceramic studios require attention to safety regarding the materials used, cleaning up those materials and the firing of kilns. We will go over basic safety policies for working in a ceramics studio during the first class and there will be signs around specific areas to remind you of good practices.

The total number of students per class is 8. Classes are two hours. Clean-up of your area is your responsibility and should be finished within 15-20 minutes of the class end time. Please have your space checked out before leaving.

Open Studio hours are for enrolled students only. If you would like to take 1 - 4 open studios to finish work after a session ends, you can sign up and pay online. This option is only to finish work, not to begin new work, and is only available to students following a session they already attended.

Cancellations and Make-ups of missed classes: We do not offer refunds for cancellations that come in later than 1week before your first class. There is an administration fee of $50 for any cancellation.

Depending on availability, I will always let you make up during a class that is not full. Permission in advance is required to attend a makeup class. Another option is to attend an extra open studio that week.

Purchase of clays, glazes, firings, and tools: 

We are a Cone 5 - 6 Electric firings studio. All clays and glazes will be compatible with this firing temperature range.

The first bag of clay is included in the price of the class tuition and includes the glazes and firing charges. Most people will only need one bag of clay per session.  Thereafter, Each 25 lb. bag of clay is $35.00 and also includes the glazes and firing. Prices of clay are subject to increase this year.

We do not fire clay pieces that were not made during a class session or were brought from home. We are not obligated to fire work you did not finish before the 5th week of your session, or work that you did not complete, even if you purchased the clay from the studio. We will go over this during class a few times, but if you want to contact me about it, please email

A small selection of tools will be available for your use or purchase in our studio. Online you can find the Beginner Kemper Tool kit for $25. There are some other options that you can find online and will be discussed at the first class.