Studio Memberships

Studio Memberships are now available!  Join our Membership program to work with other potters and learn from each other in a productive and social atmosphere. In the membership program we introduce you to firing your own kilns for your work, making and creating glazes, varied clay bodies, and selling your pottery.

The primary qualifications are your willingness to work independently and the commitment to your work and the studio. There is an application and agreement with memberships. 

Studio members will provide all their own tools, clay and glazes. We can get you started on what you will need, and where to get it. We have member pricing options for clays and studio glazes or you can choose to source your supplies on your own. You can bring in your own wheel or rent a wheel from the studio.

Memberships include rented space in a private area of our studio location. Members will have access to all community tables, glazing area, kilns and other equipment. Extended hours are available 7 days a week. Please call 415-272-9932 for more information.

Standard Membership provides 4’x 5.5′ space with 18″x48″x72″ shelf.

The Pro Membership provides 4.5′ x 7.5′ space with 24″x48″x72″ shelving unit and power for Professional Model Wheels. 

Standard Membership For those with their own wheel or only hand building. $250/month – 1 spaces left.  More Info

Standard Membership with Standard Wheel Rent a Shimpo VL Lite with the space $300/month – 1 spaces left.  More Info

Pro Membership For those with own wheel or only hand building. $300/month – 2 spaces left.  More Info

Pro Membership with Standard Wheel Rent a Shimpo VL Lite with the space $350/month – 1 spaces left.  More Info

Pro Membership with Pro Wheel For those who want a professional model Shimpo Whisperer $400/month – 1 space left.  More Info