In October, we welcome @claybynature ceramic artist Deb Hagar who will join us in house to teach a morning class on sgraffito drawings in her pottery. Deb’s interest in the nature she finds around her are often recorded in small sketches, pastels, and watercolor images as she encounters birds, butterflies, dragonflies, and fish! She then translates that onto her pottery cups, bowls, and other forms with underglazes.

Her work speaks directly of her artistic gaze, of what is immediate and near to her as a source of inspiration.

As part of my commitment to bringing other artists to our studios to share their insights and techniques, I am happy to have this opportunity to engage Deb Hager for one class in October. I know this will send ripples of inspiration, and new levels of techniques with underglazes. It will also encourage new conversations about where we get our inspiration from, and how we translate that inspiration into our work.

These works in white clay with underglaze are fired in a soda kiln to cone 10. Visit for more information!

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Sign up for April 8 – May 18

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