Bowls, Ceramics, Cone 5-6, Vases

Bob Gonzales joined our membership program when it opened in September of 2022. As one of our first potters on the scene, he has consistently helped everyone else to improve the space and our community. He is quick to share his knowledge and ask good questions so the rest of us get together to solve technical issues.

He also has been working on his glazing techniques and his understanding of many different clays. He is producing beautiful work that students and other members are buying for themselves.

Bob says he does not consider himself an artist at this point, rather a potter in development to become an artist. Bob got his start in pottery indirectly by his wife Sarah. After their grandson was born, they bought him a “Polar Express Train” set. Sarah surprised Bob for his birthday that year with a Painting with a Twist, Polar Express night. On the drive home, Sarah asked if he enjoyed it. Bob being a little too honest… expressed that painting never interested him but he always had a curiosity in working with clay.
The following week, Sarah signed him up for a clay throwing class at Down To Earth Pottery. Fifteen years later, Bob continues in his journey and fascination with clay. Bob studied and took classes under Les Kitchen and Mark Shepard, renowned potters from Colorado. Bob also appreciates the guidance from other mentors from the local area including Jerry Rhodes, a master at Raku, and Jim Mathews, a lifelong potter that always is willing to share his knowledge and experience in pottery. Now Bob is learning how to include his own glazes in his pots, and how to run a pottery studio by Ellen Nadeau at Studio Nadeau.
Family, golfing, fly fishing are the other passions in Bob’s life. Being in the outdoors definitely brings inspiration to his work. What’s Bob’s favorite thing about pottery? Someone taking one of his vessels home and drinking a cup of coffee, or serving dinner to their family from one of his pieces. What a way to get inspired!

For more information

Contact Roberto Gonzales at: csmgonzales@msn.com
@csmgonzales on Instagram
@forandotherdayllc on Instagram

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