Cone 5-6, Sculpture, Vases

This vase was named for a place north of Boulder, Utah. While the road climbs steeply through a rock canyon with sheer cliffs below, gradually you see the expanse of a white rock plateau with many canyons below.

Calf Creek Falls is up one of those canyons. Walking along a a broad, slow creek, surrounded by small rock outcrops and many willow trees bordering the creek you see birds overhead, dessert flowers, sage. The path is like beach sand. Looking up, there are continuing steep cliffs farther above but the bottom of this canyon is peaceful, wide and calm. There are brown trout in the creek.

As you get closer to the falls, you still can’t see them but the canyon narrows and the willows grow thicker and taller. Then you hear the sound of  the falls. A short distance later, the canyon opens up to the falls, a beautiful ribbon of cascading water into a green pool. The rock face of the falls is green with algae and the many colors of stained sandstone. The pool is mesmerizing, suddenly the miles and miles of rock have opened up to Hawaii. A beautiful and large pool inviting you to swim or wade.

This vase captures the falling water, the green pool, the abundance of water in a dessert place. Suddenly these colors are the ones that you see and can’t look away from.

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